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To celebrate the month of Veganuary, VeggingOut.ie has nominated these global vegan websites as our ‘Famous Five’ for providing a comprehensive range of recipes to tickle and tantalise your vegan taste buds, in addition to giving support and advice on transitioning to a plant-based diet.


1-veganuary1. VEGANUARY
This site is dedicated to changing public attitudes, whilst also providing all the information and practical support required to make the transition to veganism as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Veganuary website provides support on how to go vegan as well as providing answers as why you should go vegan.

With people submitting recipes from all over the world and on all kinds of cuisine, you really can get any recipe you want on this site.


2-one-green-planet2. ONE GREEN PLANET www.onegreenplanet.org
With over six million visitors, One Green Planet is the fastest growing (and largest) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal welfare issues, environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living.

If that’s not enough, it also just happens to be biggest vegan/plant-based food and recipe site on the Internet. Check it out here for yourselves.


3-forks-over-knives3. FORKS OVER KNIVES www.forksoverknives.com

The goal of this very comprehensive website is to convert as many people as possible to a plant-based diet, with its central focus on health and well-being.

It provides information on planning your meals, an extensive array of recipes and testimonials on the health benefits of changing from a meat-based diet to plant-based one.

You can also watch the very popular documentary by the same name on the website.


4-vegan-richa4. VEGAN RICHA www.veganricha.com

Richa Hingle is an award winning recipe developer, blogger and photographer behind VeganRicha.com.

From delicious dals to rich curries, flat breads, savoury breakfasts, snacks, and much more, this website features her first cookbook ‘Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen’.

This collection of plant-based Indian recipes is inspired by regional cuisines, Indian culture, local foods and proven methods.




5. Finding Vegan  www.findingvegan.com

This website is an excellent resource for vegans as it collates thousands of vegan recipes by food bloggers from the Internet and allows you to do your own search.

It is constantly updated and has an infinite variety of recipes. You can also sign up to a community forum on this site to interact with other ‘Finding Vegan’ fans across the globe, share stories about veganism, food, relationships, health and happiness.

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