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Hey foodies, a big welcome to our new website where we aim to cater to your every need from recommending the best dining joints when vegging out to providing a selection of stores to source your products, and variety of recipes to try out when vegging in!

Grace Heneghan and Deirdre Breen

Grace and Deirdre veg out on some carrots!

So, here's our story on why, where and when VeggingOut.ie was borne.....

Deirdre Breen is the veggie/vegan half of the partnership, whereas Grace Heneghan just likes to sample veggie cuisine on occasion.

We have been friends since our student days at University College Galway.

Back then there were few if any vegetarian or vegan restaurants or cafés, and certainly slim pickings were to be found on mainstream and traditional menus.

Yep, the situation is changing, albeit at a snail's pace. And while some chefs are stepping up to the plate to offer more than wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, or that big bowl of salad or pasta, the feedback to our VeggingOut survey suggests that restaurants still have a long, long way to go!

The non-veggie feeding the veggie

The non-veggie feeds the veggie...

Our initial research revealed a lack of an all-inclusive information resource in Ireland that suitably caters to the needs of veggie, vegan and GF diners on the same plate!

In response to this gap in the market, we have developed VeggingOut.ie where you can sign up to rate and review restaurants (the good and the bad!)

We aim to kick ass because we know you want and deserve more and you certainly need better bang for your buck!

Your feedback will help us to help you.....so simply log in or email info@veggingout.ie.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Grace & Deirdre


(Photography by Jennifer Oppermann, Food Stylist/Photographer & Food Writer. Follow Jennifer on Facebook  Twitter or Instagram)